The Prayer Bowl

Sonja’s first incarnation was in 14,900 BC in Atlantis. She came from Orion and has spent every lifetime working as a mystic and healer.  Sonja can see, hear, feel, smell and oddly taste everything in the unseen world. She communicates with all of the Demi Gods, angels and benevolent beings. Her guides are high angelic beings that have traveled with her through all her incarnations.  Sonja works on people around the globe, over the phone or just with a photo of that person in front of her.  She defies time and space and transports herself to her client and energetically repair hearts, livers, spleens, lungs, kidneys, illness and disease. She is gifted with the ability to clear entities and alien energies that are inappropriate and harmful. Over forty years ago she dedicated her life to being in service and to this day donates healing work to her Native American community. She is adopted on the Hopi reservation and considered a medicine woman.

Sonja explains, “Our human experience is understood better if we realize we are infinite souls inhabiting a dense human form. If we meditate and stay in a state of inner peace, we can access the energy we are meant to embody, Divine Love. This is the energy we came from and what we will return to. We are energetic vessels.  When we ask Creator for Divine Love to flow through the tops of our head and the Goddess or Earth energy to rise up through our feet, the two energies meet at the heart and a riot of creativity ensues.  This is where music, art, and all creativity come from!  Embodying Divine Love allows you to fulfill your human purpose.”

If you have a concern or loved one you are needing extra prayers for, leave your request in the prayer bowl.  Sonja will take all of the submissions to Creator and ask the angels to work on you or your loved one. These submissions are not healing sessions with Sonja but prayers she will make on your behalf.

The submissions need to be short and to the point, for example:

  • Please include my mother in your prayer, she is suffering from congestive heart failure.  Her first name is Rosemary.
  • My name is Scott, and I am struggling with addiction.  Please include me in your prayers.
  • My daughter Samantha lost her job and home.  Please include her in your prayers.

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